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The Flatlander Chronicles


Brendan Smith was born and raised on Long Island, New York and in 1985 found himself unexpectedly moving to Central New Hampshire.

Over the next ten years he worked hard at adjusting to life in his new home. From learning to rake the roof, to buying firewood for the first time, to trying to fit into the social setting of a morning at the dump, he found that these and and many more adjustments would not be very easy for this Flatlander.

Since 1995, Brendan has been recounting these humorous adventures on the pages of The Weirs Times.

The Flatlander Chronicles contains the best of those columns.

Best  Of A F.O.O.L. In New Hampshire


Besides his hugely popular weekly columns in The Weirs Times and Cocheco Times focussing on his life as a Flatlander, his F.O.O.L. (Flatlander's Observations On LIfe) In New Hampshire column has taken on everything from politics to health to technology to shopping and much more over the past twenty years.

Best Of A F.O.OL. In New Hampshire contains the perfect sampling of these very funny columns.

Forty-five stories that will sure to make you not only laugh at yourself and the world around you, but to look at it in a different light as well.

Coming In Early 2021 "I Really Only Did It For The Socks - Thoughts & Stories On Aging"


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